About the Coach: Salochanee Reddy: Holistic NLP Life Coach


I am a Professional Life Coach, Meditation Teacher, Ayurvedic Lifestyle Chopra Certified Teacher, Certified NLP Coach and Certified Ayurvedic Body Therapist and in the process of obtaining Doctoral, PHD in Holistic Life Coaching with the University of Sedona, USA

I specialize in Holistic Wellbeing which is improving all dimensions of health – mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.

My journey
I turned to holistic therapies in 2009 when I had many health challenges myself. This led me to restore my body’s balance and health through diet, natural medicines and therapies whilst improving my lifestyle.
The first step of my personal development began when I read the book, Perfect Health by Dr Deepak Chopra. I was very excited to find out about how our mind affects our body.
I was fortunate to obtain Perfect Health and Meditation Teacher qualification with Dr Deepak Chopra University in California. 

It helped me to have a better understanding of myself and others whilst creating balance in my own life. It provided me with the tools and techniques to help people move forward in their lives.
I developed a passion for learning and went on to study Ayurvedic Body Treatments, Life Coaching, Counselling and currently completing Doctoral PHD Program in Holistic Life Coaching with the University of Sedona, Arizona USA. I gained a wealth of knowledge and through my own personal development, now assist others to live a happy, healthy, successful life.

My Aim
My aim is to help you create a life that you love, to motivate, encourage and support you to move forward to reach your full potential.
Together, we look at all the things that may have contributed to your current state using a combination of techniques that will best suit you. We can get to the underlying cause of your problem – which then leads you to create permanent changes in your life.

” If you would like to know more, please contact me today. I look forward to hearing from you.”
Salochanee Reddy
Salochanee@eqcentre.co.za or phone me personally for a chat on 011 568 0329 

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