Salochanee Reddy

I have always had an interest in holistic wellbeing and body mind integration for total wellbeing.  In my pursuit of knowledge from self help tools to assist with my personal challenges of stress management, emotional difficulties and weight management, I found the most important influence was the realization that I am totally accountable and responsible for all my actions with my mind, body, soul and emotional wellbeing on a daily basis.

In my own journey of finding a balance between life’s responsibilities and seeking holistic wellbeing, I found it challenging to find a place where emphasis is placed on total wellbeing at one facility for mind, body, soul and emotional balancing without any stigmas, dogmas and judgement.

Wanting to lead a more authentic and balanced life, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to take a sabbatical from life’s responsibilities and complete teacher certifications in Ayurvedic Lifestyle and Primordial Sound Meditation at the Chopra Centre University in California, USA founded by Dr Deepak Chopra.

Through a series of synchronicities and always looking for an opportunity to do things for others, the intention was set to establish a nurturing tranquil place where people can connect and find holistic wellbeing balance.  I feel immense gratitude for the support and encouragement received from the team at EQuilibrium, family and friends in the creation and establishment of The EQuilibrium Centre for Wellbeing
I invite you to pause and retreat with us for a while … come and experience the peace that a holistic way of life and balanced living bring and I wish you joy and fulfillment on your life’s journey !!!

Yours in Balanced Living,
Salochanee Reddy
Founder and Director of The Equilibrium Centre

Salochnee Reddy